10 tips to help you write great blog articles

You've been staring out the window for 17 minutes.


Your head will remain empty, like the theater halls in the winter of 2020.

You have no idea what to write in your next Blog article writing should.


Most of the time, all it takes is a little spark to inspire you.

Therefore here for you:


10 sources of inspiration for your blog articles

A little before we get started:

Reserve a notebook or create a folder in your favorite app.

Write down all ideas for your blog right away. That's the only way to make sure you're not standing there the next morning thinking, "I had this brilliant idea yesterday about what to write next..."

Blog writing tip #1: Get inspired by your clients and customers

"As marketing strategists, we should change the saying "Always be closing" - meaning "always close deals" - to "Always be helping.""
Jonathan Linster, LinkedIn

Every communication with your customers is a gold mine of tips on what interests them.

It was email correspondence with a client that got me thinking about writing this Blog Articles to write this article. It was about Content Planning.

Conversations with your customers are full of questions they ask you - and your answers to them. There are many little things hidden in them that trigger a "Wow, I didn't know that..." from your customers.

Make a note of these conversations as soon as possible. Or copy the emails into your notes app with your blog ideas collection.

Quite possibly, this "aha" moment will also be very interesting for your blog readers.

Blog writing tip #2: Eat what you cooked

"Great content is the best sales tool in the world."
~ Marcus Sheridan

No matter what you sell, your sales pages are chock full of solutions and results that people get when they buy your product.

Go through your sales page section by section and create a listing of the results you promise your prospects. Write down what they will learn or experience when they buy your product.

These results can give you ideas to write about in your next blog articles. You can describe the solutions you offer in more detail or pick out individual aspects.


You can link to your product in each of these blog articles. This is how you get great content and sell at the same time.

Blog Writing Tip #3: The Springboard Technique

"Seek not to excel others, but to excel yourself."
~ Cicero

No one disputes how inspiring it is to look at the content of your competitors.

The ideas of others are the ultimate food for your thoughts.

Find bloggers, youtubers or podcasters who create content on your topic.

Spy on them. Use their content as a springboard. It will give you lots of ideas on what to write on your blog.

Always make sure that you do not copy:

If you're a food blogger and you're inspired by a competitor's article, "12 quick vegan lunch ideas for stressful days"... don't write "15 vegan recipes for your lunch."

Look at the recipes, the ingredients... and create something of your own. Write about how you steam broccoli to get the perfect consistency or your favorite ways to prepare quinoa.

Blog Writing Tip #4: Angle in the Comments

"Traditional marketing talks to people, content marketing talks to them."
~ Doug Kessler

The comments under your blog articles and YouTube videos are a constant flowing stream of clues about what your audience wants to read from you.

They'll tell you about their experiences and the obstacles they encountered.

Browse through the comments under your content. Make a note of any comments or questions that are worth writing a blog article about. You can even ask and get a conversation going if you want more inspiration and need more specific direction for your article.

Blog writing tip #5: The clarification

Nonsense has been written for as long as the Internet has existed.

When you're pulling in content from your industry, you're always going to find yourself thinking, "What a load of crap..."

That can inspire you to do better yourself. Write a great blog article about how it really is. Debunk the myths in your niche. Explain why this approach or that approach can't work and what to do instead. Or write about the topic from a different angle. Bring in aspects that have never been chewed over.

Disagreement with other bloggers is fertilizer for your blog. You can use it to fill your whole Content Calendar fill.

Blog Writing Tip #6: The Amazon Trick

"We need to stop interrupting people in what they care about and be what they care about."
~ Craig Davis

It's an old Copywriter-secret:

Get inspired by the table of contents of popular books in your niche.

Most of the time, a quick glance is all it takes to get your brain going. It reminds you of all the details you already know that are important to your niche.

It is a factory of ideas.

If you're writing a blog about the marathon and have a block, go to Amazon, type marathon in the search box, and select the books category.

Now all you have to do is take a look at one of the most popular books. You already have your list of topics: Equipment, Stretching, Running Technique, Energy, Training...

And for each topic in-depth subtopics: Running shoes, running socks, hydration belt and running backpack.

Ask yourself what you already know about these topics. What information and guidance could you write about them on your blog?

You don't have to read the whole book. After all, you don't want to copy the content, you just use the table of contents as a kick-starter for your creativity.

Blog Writing Tip #7: Spin-Off Article

Focus on the core problem your business is solving and deliver lots of content, enthusiasm and ideas on how to solve it.
~ Laura Fitton

Sometimes you find the best tips in your own virtual home.

Choose one of your blog articles and read it carefully. Think about what spin-off articles you can write on the topic:

  • Supplemental step-by-step instructions on a particular side topic you've touched on
  • Explain a concept of the article in more detail
  • Answer questions that arise, before, during or after the topic
  • Best practices to do something you mentioned in your blog article.

Spin-off articles are quick and easy to write and can be seamlessly linked to your existing article. This will keep your visitors on your blog longer.

Blog writing tip #8: The forum and group power

Content marketing is all that's left of marketing.
~ Seth Godin

Forum and group discussions are an excellent place to get new tips for writing your blog articles.

It's the same process as commenting under your own content: scan through the discussions and write the ideas in your notebook.

  • Questions you can answer
  • Ideas that you can expand and elaborate on
  • Things you disagree with and want to set right.

In Facebook groups for self-employed people, for example, people often ask which one is the best Website tool for self-employed is? To avoid having to share my entire wealth of experience in this area over and over again, I have written a blog article about it.

Besides, this is a good way to pick up the language of your customers. What words and specific phrases do they use? Work them into your own content.

Blog Writing Tip #9: The Social Media Scanning

It's a dialogue, not a monologue, and some people don't understand that. Social media is more like a phone than a TV. ~ Amy Jo Martin

You can also apply the table of contents technique to social media. Go to your favorite platform and observe what people are talking about.

You don't have to read through the articles and posts. Just look at the titles. Let your brain ponder the topic for a moment and ask yourself, "Do I have anything to say about this? If so, what exactly?"

10 minutes on social media can give you a dozen tips on what to write about on your blog.

Write a blog Tip #10: The boy needs to get some fresh air

If your stories are only about your products and services, it's not storytelling. Then it's a brochure. Give yourself permission to make your story bigger.
~ Jay Baer

Sometimes you just have to get out.

Use the time to observe. Observe people and situation or principles in nature. Reflect on what ideas it brings you.

Maybe you observe how someone is being particularly clever. That inspires you to create best practice content. Or you have to watch someone struggle. That triggers you to write a new blog article with step-by-step instructions.


Do not get lost in the Research

Always remember, you just need a little jump start. You don't need to fathom the entire topic or read all the social media posts about it from the last week.


Your next steps

The next time you're stumped on what to write about in your blog, choose the three methods, set your timer for 30 minutes, and write down everything that's on your mind.


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