Content Calendar: the central planning tool for cross-departmental, data-driven collaboration

The following scenario: The head of the marketing department, the content manager, the social media manager, content editor and copywriter sit in a meeting to work out a content marketing strategy. Goals are defined, topics proposed, distribution and campaigns planned. During the meeting, each person responsible takes their own notes. Afterwards, he or she uses bullet points, hastily scribbled lists and post-its as a guide and now works quietly away. What is missing in this construct? All those who would like to see the puzzle's solution live, are cordially invited to the webinar: 20.09.2019, 10 am.

So, what's missing from this construct? That's right, regular coordination, feedback, communication and collaboration. As a result, articles don't make the deadline, social seeding is delayed, and content pieces miss the mark. The solution to this problem is an editorial plan!

There are various ways in which an editorial plan can be realized. As a Google document that can be accessed by everyone involved. With an internal Excel sheet that is emailed back and forth between those responsible. Or with collaboration-focused software that simplifies teamwork, adherence to agreements, and scheduling in a convenient and logical way. A virtual desk, so to speak, which

  • makes all agreements from the editorial meeting available to all participants;
  • enables cloud-based collaboration in real time;
  • synchronizes the editorial plan with the schedule;
  • allows individual access rights for all employees involved in content production.

contentbird presents the improved editor and content calendar for more collaboration in content marketing.


Take content collaboration to a new level with the Editor & Content Calendar

Close collaboration is essential for the success of a content strategy. Research by the German Marketing Association has shown that of 80% of companies that work with editorial plans, only 10% use tools, software or platforms for planning and only 15% use such tools for performance analysis.

That means at 65 to 70%, there is a lack of efficient and effective dovetailing of the various processes beyond the editorial conference. The contentbird platform transforms this bumpy workflow into a smooth overall process. For this purpose, ideas and research, briefings and content creation, scheduling and distribution, content tracking and KPI analysis are synchronized and centralized with each other.

Instead of lengthy e-mail communication and cumbersome document sharing about progress in editorial planning, everyone involved is always up to date on the current state of editing.


The contentbird Creation Intelligence Editor

The Creation Intelligence Editor is the heart of content production. It bundles all features that support the creation of relevant and converting content. In the content pipeline, individual characteristics can be stored for each content piece, as well as the framework conditions of the overall strategy. This makes it easier for authors to maintain a common thread in content production.

With Content Creation, the name says it all: A smart correction mode and clever version comparison shorten the usual editing process. No more document chaos, no more endless proofreading loops, no more tedious mail correspondence, and no more copy-pasting. Instead, an easy-to-use interface that applies Flesch-Reading best practices and optimization recommendations to the text with a single click.

These features - based on methods and practices widely regarded as promising among content marketers and SEOs - not only help improve individual articles so that they resonate better with search engines and target audiences. They provide a sustainable learning curve for authors and content editors that allows them to write optimized content in the long run.

Content creation is also facilitated by the fact that sources of inspiration, links and briefings are always just a click away in the editor. The readability index updates itself in real time and, together with the WDF*IDF analysis, is a real help in creating success-oriented content.

Authors, SEOs and social media managers are provided with all information at a glance in the Creation Intelligence backend. This turns corporate blogposts into data-driven content with more chance to convert. Creation Intelligence replaces gut feelings with proven content best practices. From the objectives to the corporate design and wording of the content to the deadlines, Creation Intelligence maps all the steps of content creation.

The highlight is that all those involved in the process can only be assigned the administration rights and accesses that are necessary for their work. This prevents errors and unintentional changes. At the same time, it keeps the effort and clarity for the respective person in check. In the contentbird Editor, close collaboration is thus possible, while all employees retain their area of competence.


The contentbird content calendar

The contentbird content calendar is an important planning tool where all threads come together. The dates for publishing blog posts, the seeding dates of social media posts, the scheduled deadlines for content pieces. In the content calendar, you don't just have an overview of all the deadlines. They can also be synchronized there with the activities from the content pipeline. This is the greatest strength of the Content Calendar.

Of course, it is also possible to enter individual dates - for example, the date for the next editorial meeting or times of training and analysis periods within which you want to measure the performance of your content marketing efforts.

Particularly practical: The appointments can be conveniently moved manually in the content calendar using drag and drop when changes occur. The Content Calendar not only allows for particularly clear collaboration within the team. It also eliminates the need for separate tools for content planning.

Instead of jumping back and forth between Excel spreadsheets and calendar apps, one click in the contentbird backend is all it takes to access and keep track of everything.

Screenshot of the content calendar from contentbird.


Bye-bye gut feeling - with strategy to content success

Content marketing is not time-saving, planning-safe, interactive, intuitive and qualitatively possible at the same time?

We'll just say: welcome to our virtual desk.

The intelligent linking of our editor with the content calendar, the distribution tool and the analysis feature, does just that. It reduces the trial-and-error rate and gives every content marketing strategy the fact-based, promising objectivity it needs.

PS: You can find more information about the content creation process here call up!


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Content Calendar: the central planning tool for cross-departmental, data-driven collaboration


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