Content Analysis

Accurately analyze what content marketing teams and campaigns are doing to understand the added value content marketing has for your business and how it compares to other marketing channels.

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Challenges of today’s content marketer with content analysis

Today’s content marketer is under pressure of proof and time in a highly competitive yet collaborative environment. His strategy must be successful and sustainable, but at the same time empirically verifiable. But

No numbers, no knowledge

51% of content marketers lack reliable numbers or even know-how to measure content marketing performance.

No time

Evaluating relevant content KPIs in the overall context is time consuming. Rarely are they checked regularly.

No future

Due to the lack of reliable key figures, a re-optimization or re-interpretation of the further strategy is impossible and is based on a gut feeling.

No order

The use of many third-party channels makes effective collaboration difficult and results in table-chaos. The research of all relevant metrics for success measurement in teams requires a variety of tools.

No sustainability

Sustainable content means independence from paid channels. However, performing content is a prerequisite.

No performance

Performance in the form of content KPIs, mentions and links must be measured – no matter if bad or good content. Only then is optimization possible. No measuring – no performance.

This is how we solve the challenges of the content marketeer of today:

Content centric performance analysis visualizes reach, visibility, traffic and ROI

for strategic content decisions based on robust analysis and comparison.

Content centric performance analysis visualizes reach, visibility, traffic and ROI
Valuable, reliable numbers

Content performance indicators such as reach, visibility, traffic and ROI are measured and content performance becomes apparent.

Time savings

Content-performance – whether content, entire campaigns, or entire projects – is visualized using relevant KPIs and is always current . No rummaging around in countless tools.

Logically plan the future

By analyzing previous content performance, the future strategy becomes more plannable. The end of speculative content creation.

One platform for all users

The analysis is feasible for all stakeholders on a platform with all important key figures at a glance. Zero third-party channels, zero redundancy.

Sustainability of content

The ROI of content investments is continuously measured and visualized in a time-saving way.

From content to ranking to links

Even more: observe Google-rankings in direct comparison to the competition, be notified automatically about new links and mentions. Now we would have everything!