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Our Content Creation Intelligence helps with algorithms, methods and artificial intelligence to improve teamwork and content relevance, content quality and content quantity to increase the ROI of any content.

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Challenges of today’s content marketer with content creation

In fierce competition for the best content piece, many content marketers are under great pressure to succeed. The content produced has to solve problems of the target group and at the same time be informative and entertaining. But:

No communication, no content

The communication between content manager and content producer takes place over several documents and chats, which leads to long correction loops and frustration.

No time

Research during content production takes up time resources and slows down the creation process.

No collaboration

Content pieces are created in isolation from other departments. Editors, graphic artists and project managers can only access the content indirectly.

No text check

Stylistically improved text sections and defined keywords are ignored, WDF*IDF analyses are not performed.

No defined target group

The content producer does not know the persona of the content piece. The content is created on the basis of an unspecified target group.

No user activation

The written text does not contain any call-to-action for the reader. This eliminates the opportunity to promote a product or service.

This is how we solve the challenges of today’s content marketer:

Holistic and relevant content achieves high visibility and drives leads and conversions

through data driven content creation – cross-departmental, collaborative for maximum relevance.

Holistic and relevant content achieves high visibility and drives leads and conversions
Communication on one platform

Content manager and content producer communicate exclusively through the comment function in the tool. New comments are sent via e-mail status updates to all involved persons.

Current news and video stream

The integrated news and video stream provides the content producer with time-saving, content-relevant information.

Cross-departmental content creation

Precisely defined access rights facilitate collaborative work and enable the joint creation of high-quality content.

Text optimization at all levels

Stylistically critical passages and missing keywords are identified using the text analysis tool. Retrospective WDF*IDF analysis provides terms that should be added for better visibility.

Detailed Personas

The user models that can be stored in the tool facilitate orientation for the content producer and enable him to write for defined target groups.

Clear calls-to-action for user activation

Strategically important calls-to-action are defined, stored in the tool and implemented into the text by the content producer. Nothing stands in the way of the targeted promotion of certain products or services.