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The contentbird Content Marketing Pipeline allows you to track progress, evaluate potential and increase team productivity.

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Challenges for today’s content marketer in content planning

Today’s content marketer is under proof and time pressure in a highly competitive, yet collaborative environment. His strategy must be successful and sustainable, but at the same time empirically verifiable. But:

Opaque production process

Progress in content creation has to be manually queried on a regular basis, whereby bottlenecks cannot be detected in time.

No overview

Editors juggle between different tools, always hoping to keep track of all the contents of a campaign.

No possibility of prioritization

Due to key figures that are difficult to determine or even missing, it is hardly possible for content managers to publish content strategically.

Social chaos

Posts for social networks are made through several third-party providers. This lacks overview and long-term predictability.

No overview of backlinks

Generated links are not recorded, let alone monitored.

This is how we solve the challenges of today’s content marketer:

Efficient use of time and resources thanks to optimized processes – Bye bye Excel and Co.

Track progress, evaluate potential and increase team productivity with contentbird’s Content Marketing Pipeline – for a 360° overview.

Efficient use of time and resources thanks to optimized processes - Bye bye Excel and Co.
Sovereign campaigns

A clear presentation of all campaigns including editorial plans, content, topics and content types facilitates direct access and no content is lost.

Transparent progress

Through self-definable editing statuses for content pieces, it is possible to see at any time which further processes should be initiated.

Demand-driven prioritization

Due to reliable key figures such as the expected search volume, forecasts can be made about the potential number of visitors. Thus the right content is published at any time!

Structured social seeding

All created posts are visible in one place to allow short-term changes. Seeding campaigns are always at the pulse of time!