Content Strategy Framework

Every content strategy has the potential to specifically control target groups with content. contentbird makes your content strategy target-group-focussed and supports it with data.

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Unique integration of the content strategy in all content processes all the way to analysis

Content only develops its full effect if a clear strategy has been defined in advance. It controls the entire content creation process and achieves the associated content goals. But:

No specifications

Without clear rules, a copywriter cannot write target group-focussed. Nevertheless, these are only rarely integrated into the workflow.

No goal definition

Only when a company believes in itself and its goals can it write confident content. However, a clear communication of the goals to the outside does not take place.

No statement

Content must communicate the corporate message clearly at all times. If this message is missing, the content becomes arbitrary and thus interchangeable.

No communication

Internal and external authors must be empowered to integrate established communication goals into their texts. In most cases, these are not defined.

No brand awareness

A brand stands out from the competition by certain characteristics. Nevertheless, they are rarely or not at all found in produced content.

No goal

If binding goals have been defined, content marketing may contribute to ranking-improvements and increase the reach. If this does not happen, the contents are missing their effect.

This is how we solve the challenges of the content marketer of today:

Strategic decision making based on target group data

By embedding the content strategy at all relevant interfaces, contentbird ensures compliance with the globally established strategy.

Strategic decision making based on target group data
Deliberate target group control

The relationship between defined goals (Customer Journey Phase) and target audiences (Personas) is visualized and serves as a starting point for future content production.

Detailed briefings

Detailed briefings are entered directly in the content editor. Long revision loops and strategic question marks in content creation are thus eliminated.

Transparent presentation of the content strategy

The content strategy stored for each text indicates which persona is being focused on, what the concrete content is supposed to trigger in the reader, what goal the content is tracking and what call-to-action must be included.

Personal settings

With individual settings, such as industry-specific issues, content creators may be sensitized to potential challenges.

Concrete features for strategic optimization