Content marketing, international: localization strategies


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Content marketing, international: localization strategies

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Content marketing, international: localization strategies

The goal of localization is to create a user experience that supports your marketing strategy and business goals. That's because good localization adapts a company's message not only to a specific language, but also to a different culture. When your business enters a new market, you need locally consumable websites, social media, marketing campaigns and more.

So what should be considered when planning internationalization? What does the localization strategy of the fastest-growing companies in Europe look like? Pia from Contentoo and Daniel from contentbird will provide you with the answers in a live session.

More and more customers are stepping up their localization efforts. This has piqued our interest. Together with our partner Contentoo, we take a closer look at the topic, present current findings, and offer recommendations for action. Contentoo is Europe's leading platform for content marketing talent, having delivered high-quality content to hundreds of emerging brands.


Content marketing in internationalization: What you can take away for your localization

  1. The importance of localization for the fastest growing companies in Europe
  2. Insights into the localization of the fastest-growing companies, from a survey of marketing decision-makers
  3. Key factors to consider in the localization process
  4. Websites optimized for multilingual SEO
  5. Translation and beyond: content adapted to international markets
  6. The future of localization

Key Take Aways

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