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Manage large amounts of content and generate more traffic 

The content marketing software from contentbird makes it easier for online portals and publishers to manage large amounts of content. So that together you can achieve a large content output more effectively.

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Facilitate management

Thanks to clear role allocation and workflows, content management with contentbird is easier than with any other tool.

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Increase content output

Get all the tools you need to add structure to your content marketing and systematically increase your output.

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Increase traffic

The simple creation and management of large amounts of content sustainably increase the number of visitors to your platform.

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Make internal approval processes simpler

Online portals often face the problem that internal processes between copywriters, editors or graphic designers do not run very efficiently. The Operations Software from contentbird was designed for the smooth cooperation of large content teams. So that everyone involved maintains an overview at all times and knows exactly which person has what to do at any given time.

Through the uncomplicated distribution of roles, you can also integrate external service providers (e.g. freelancers or agencies) into the process and make it more efficient. From the editorial plan to comprehensive integrated SEO tools, the contentbird software offers you everything your online platform needs for successful content marketing.

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Online portals
"I was able to add Trusted Content to my themed world within 2 minutes, collected thousands of reviews within a few weeks and my team was able to optimise our content based on reader comments."
Michael Möller
Head of Growth & Digital Marketing

Linking ideation and conversions

Trusted Content is your solution to get valuable insights from your readers and understand how well your content is actually received. With the software, readers can give their ratings on your content and personal opinions. With these insights, it's easy to come up with new content that meets the needs of your target audience.

Integrated call-to-actions in the rating function ensure that you can simultaneously draw attention to your offer and lead readers naturally to conversion.

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Use gamification to make your content unique

The Convert software from contentbird allows you to create unique customer experiences on your online portal using interactive content formats. Formats such as an advent calendar at Christmas time or quiz games not only result in extremely high engagement, but also lead visitors faster through the customer journey.

With interactive content, you stay in the memory of your target group longer - because you offer more than just 0815 content with playful content - and thus stand out from the competition in the long term!

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You still have questions about how contentbird can improve the content marketing of your online platform? Take a look at our FAQ here or contact us directly!


Is print also possible?

In principle, print is possible. However, we specialise in digital content and online media with their specific requirements.


Can I manage several portals with contentbird?

Yes, this is possible via the project structure.


Can I work with external authors?

Yes, this is possible with the user, rights and role system.


Can I publish content directly on contentbird?

Yes, we have standard interfaces to common channels such as CMS and social media. For individual integrations, please contact us.

Do you have more questions?

If there is still something unanswered for you, please feel free to contact us!

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