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10 experts reveal their marketing wisdom in times of crisis - Chapter 1

We asked ten of the most renowned marketing experts in Germany the same question: "Why does investing in content marketing make sense and is important right now? The result is 10 good reasons that clearly speak for an investment in content marketing.


The systematic approach to digital content creation.

10 tips to help you write great blog articles

Don't have any ideas about what to write about? Then these 10 sources of inspiration on how to dissolve writer's block come at just the right time.


Achieve digital visibility with optimized content.

Better understand search intent based on SERP's

Every Google search query is based on an intention. To meet this search intention is Google's goal and one of the most important factors for successful search engine optimization. Only if you understand the search intention and manage to serve it, you create a real added value for users and your website is classified as relevant by Google. In this article you will learn how to recognize the search intent behind a keyword.


Achieve your goals and content ROI with content.

Make money with content: Tips from sales psychology

In this post, you'll learn about the relevant numbers for making money with content - and how sales psychology can help you do it.


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