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Learn Copywriting - Gamechanger "Magic Bullet

When I came across it earlier this year, it took me some time to realize how game-changing and effective this method is (..even though it only consists of 3 words...more on that later).

With this (now revealed) secret, you as a beginner will directly outpace any Fiverr copywriter by miles and be on par with experienced copywriters.

And if you already have experience... not even imaginable what happens then....

First of all: Yes, okay, you're right. There is no such thing as Magic Bullets (...and I just realize that this all sounds a bit much like battle and war... never mind - the metaphor is definitely worth it...).


  • hot sleepless August nights in Tuscany
  • full red lips that taste like merlot when kissed
  • sparking passion that animates your heart

Magic Bullets are all around us.

Do you feel it right now? It's subconscious...hidden....

Copywriting is a weapon and words are the magic bullets:

Some rush past you and others meet you in the middle...


And what about your sales text?

Does it make readers' hearts pound and their palms sweat?

Or is it boring and lifeless like a first date where your counterpart answers open questions with a maximum of 3 words?

Which is probably more interesting, more effective and ultimately sells better?

The wizard behind the magic of the "Magic Bullets" is the "man of letters" Percy Lubbcock.

He summarizes the method with the 3 words: "Show, don't tell".

With that, let's get back to the question we just asked, "Does your sales copy make your readers' hearts pound and their palms sweat as they read it?"

With the hot nights in Tuscany I showed you something - not told you.

Most people see the difference in direct comparison:

  • hot sleepless August nights in Tuscany


  • Trip to central Italy with my girlfriend

At the latest now it is clear, isn't it?

Instead of telling you to feel excited, I implied it by describing it figuratively.

And you also noticed that I ask you questions?

That's because I don't want to patronize you and insult your skill - because nobody wants to be told what to think, do they?

Why do I think this is the most important point missing from Fiverr level sales copy? (sorry - attacking Fiverr is too much fun for me...)

Because we buy based on emotion, and storytelling doesn't evoke emotion.

Look at the last sentence: It is correct and helpful, but does it trigger any feelings in you?

How about I say, "Because we buy based on emotion and storytelling doesn't touch your heart, activate your head cinema or open your wallet."

Okay, you realize: this is really effective and magical.



Don't use the "show" in every sentence - otherwise your texts will be much longer than mine.

Rule of thumb: Whenever you intentionally want to express an emotion, you should "show it" rather than just tell it.

In marketing, this is exactly part of PROOF.

If, on the other hand, you want to convey ZDF (figures, data, facts) quickly, you should rather narrate normally.

"Showing" is the way you get people to literally hang on your every word you say.

"Showing" is how you get people to rave about your writing.

This part of PROOF in sales copy is so powerful that we should all use it consciously!

And this is the best way to learn and consistently optimize your copywriting.

If you've internalized this now, you've doubled your copywriting skills in the last 5 minutes.

Because even if you implement this rather bumpy at the beginning, you are miles ahead of your competition.

You will start to see this method everywhere at once. Before this text it was invisible for you - and now you perceive it consciously. It changes your perception sustainably to the positive.

Do you think that your opinions and statements will be more convincing if your reader draws his own conclusions about them?

And if so, how much more convincing?


Telling kills the suspense.

Telling builds a wall.

Narration is often simply BORING.

Oh, I mean... telling you uncontrollably YAWNS while you press the back button.

Wait... Did you just yawn?


Then remember: showing is more effective than telling.


One more thing...

If you need sales copy that actually works, then... (You know what to do...)

*Repayable upon invention of the time machine 🙂


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