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  • Content Marketing Software for

  • – centralized strategy
    – data-driven research
    – transparent planning
    – collaborative creation
    – time-saving distribution
    – clear analysis

    Set-up & Coaching:
    On-Boarding and Academy
    one-time 1.800€ (instead of 2.400€) up to 3 persons

    recommendation for:
    – Start-Ups
    – Consultants & Freelancers

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    Advantages of the Grow version

  • versioning of texts
  • observer-logins
  • CMS integrations
  • personal contact person
  • software demo for new users

  • Set-up & Coaching:
    On-Boarding and Academy
    one-time 6.000€ (instead of 8.000€) up to 10 persons

    recommendation for:
    – Corporations
    – Publishers
    – Agencies

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    „In the past two years, content has become an increasingly important topic for Yello. Many colleagues and service providers are now involved in the content creation process. […] contentbird starts right here and in every representation of the tool you can see that the creators understand something about content processes. The high adaptability to the own needs and the use as central control instrument inspire me .“
    Can Struck – Digital Marketing Manager

    Content strategy

    Content only unfolds its full effect if a clear strategy has been defined in advance. This controls the entire creation process and achieves the associated content goals. Define content vision, goals, personas, guidelines and different customer journeys to produce targeted content that achieves success. Learn more about content strategy.

    Main featureFeature
    Define strategy at project level

    Unlimited adding and free definition of personas

    Unlimited adding and free definition of customer journey

    Define primary company-goals for content (ranking, traffic, conversion, etc.)

    Define calls-to-action

    Creation of content layout templates

    Free definition of: vision, content story, communication goal, brand promise, prioritized goal, guidelines

    Strategie auf Content-Ebene festlegenFree definition of briefings
    Creation of briefing templates

    Idea research

    Find and prioritize ideas in seconds. Create demand-oriented ideas for your content marketing with the help of data-driven research, observe the topics of your competitors and then create an editorial plan prioritized according to potential. Learn more about idea research.

    Main featureFeature
    Finding in-demand search terms (keywords)Multilingual search; use all Google languages and become internationally visible
     Display keyword metrics (search volume, CPC, SEO difficulty, etc.)
     Export keyword list to CSV
     Create content idea directly from keywords for „Planning“ module
     Add to monitored keywords
     Identify trend topics based on the search volume history
    Find Google Questions (Who, How, What)Multilingual research; use the most widely spoken Roman languages to answer specific questions
     Show Google results for searched questions
     Aus gesuchter Frage direkt Content-Idee erstellen für Modul „Planung“
     Export searched Google Questions to CSV

    Content & editorial planning

    An interactive calendar & status overview of all content. Track progress, evaluate potential, optimize your content and increase team productivity with our 360° view of the content marketing pipeline in the drag & drop calendar. Learn more about content and editorial planning.

    Main featureFeature
    Overview content ideasSort ideas
     update ideas
     convert ideas to content
     reject ideas
     export ideas
    Interactive editorial calendar & complete status overviewIndividually adaptable production and release process
     Create new contents
     Display contents sorted according to status
     Adding tasks to a content
     Delete comments
     Export contents
    Drag & Drop-calendar synchronized with editorial planClear views: – Month – Week – Three Months – List
     Manage planned publication of content via drag & drop
     Manage planned publications for social media (facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) via drag & drop
     If the publication date of a content is changed, the publication date of the publications for social media associated to that content changes automatically.
     Manage due date of tasks via drag & drop

    Content creation

    The produced content must solve the target group’s problems and at the same time be informative and entertaining AND performant. Our Content Creation Intelligence uses algorithms and methods to improve teamwork, content relevance, quality and quantity to increase the ROI of any content. Learn more about content creation.

    Main featureFeature
    EditorWYSIWYG Editor
     Duplicate content
     Integrated real-time readability analysis for multiple languages
     Integrated real-time WDF*IDF analysis for multiple languages
     Integrated real-time keyword check during writing; for multiple languages
     easily insert fixed calls to action, images, videos
    ModesDraft mode, so that authors can write with focus
     Correction mode for perfect readability
     Reference mode for comparing or translating two contents on one screen
     Duplicate checking for truly unique content
    StrategyView content strategy for consistent corporate communication
    ManagementChange content status / publish content
     Change content status / publish content / add performance keywords
     Add tasks for yourself or collaborators
     Add comments for yourself or collaborators
    Social media distribution per contentAdd/plan multiple social media posts per planned content
     Publication depending on the publication date of the content in question
    InspirationsView and add videos and news to individual keywords

    Content distribution

    Market your content organically, generate better Google positions and continuous social media presence thanks to integrations to social media portals as well as an integrated mailing outreach and multiplier CRM. Learn more about content distribution.

    Main FeatureFeature
    Outreach NetworkAdd new contacts
      Add new websites
     Create a new email thread from contacts/websites
     Automatically find email addresses of interesting websites
     Definition of own fields for contacts and web pages
    Outreach MailboxCreate a new e-mail thread
     Save email threads as a draft
     E-Mail-Threads Kollaborateuren zuweisen
     Record results of communication: successful, in progress, not successful
    Outreach templatesCreate new outreach templates for different publishers
    Seeding into social networksIf the publication date of a content is changed, the publication date of the publications for social media associated to that content changes automatically.
     Scheduled automatic publication of articles for easy social seeding of associated content.

    Content analysis

    Analyze exactly what content marketing teams and campaigns can do to understand the value that content marketing can bring to your business and compare to other marketing channels. Learn more about content analysis.

    Main Feature Feature
    Evaluate Content Performance at Content Level Dashboard view of all KPIs clearly arranged: Content ROI, reach, engagement, rankinks, content production
    Table view of all KPIs (visitors, traffic, time on site, etc.)
    Content Audit Matrix (easily identify winners and losers)
    filter options
    Evaluate content performance at project level Dashboard view of all KPIs clearly arranged: Content ROI, reach, engagement, rankinks, content production
    filter options
    Evaluate monitored keywords Monitor individual keyword positions (ups, downs, top 10)
    Different periods selectable
    Visibility on different devices selectable
    Analyze performance of aggregated keywords of projects
    View metrics of selected keywords
    Monitor visibility of keywords

    Administration & settings

    Highly customizable system for individual configuration of editorial plan, rights management and personal settings.

    Main FeatureFeatureSubcategory
    Project administrationAdd project strategy 
     Add campaigns 
     Add keywords 
     Manage integrationsGoogle Analytics, Google Search Console, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn
    System administrationContentUser-defined fields for individual editorial workflow
      Free definition of satuts
      Free definition of content types
      Free definition of tags
      Free definition of layout templates
     Outreach-NetworkManage user-defined fields
      Determine which domains to contact
      Manage your own sender e-mail profiles
     Create keyword groups 
     Change viewTable view (rearrange columns)
    User managementDefine roles 
     Set permissions for modules 
     Define project assignment 
     Set user details 
    Manage my profileProfile details 
     Create tasks and assign them to others 
     Settings (language, time zone, time format) 
     Sender of outreach profile (outreach e-mail signature setup, display name) 
     Create quicklinks 
     My customer area (my account) 

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